Monday, August 5, 2013

First Day of School!

August 5, 2013...Redken and Mollie left for Seminary at 6:30 a.m. Next we loaded the rest of the gang and dropped Ira and Callie off at Hickory Flat Elementary.  Then we drove Norielle to Dean Rusk Middle School.  Red and Mollie have a carpool lined up from seminary to Sequoyah High School.  Ryan is in Ohio and was sad to miss the first day of school.  Some how we managed flying solo.  Best Wishes kids!  You will do awesome. Summer went by way to fast.
11th, 9th, 7th, 5th and 1st.......

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A name and a blessing...

Collette Maggie was blessed today.  We love this little baby girl and the sweet spirit that she has. Our family is complete.  Ryan gave her a sweet blessing today. Blessed her with health, with a desire to go to the temple and a desire to choose the right. At the close of the blessing Ryan expressed gratitude as she is the close of our family.  My parents were able to be here.  We missed  Alan and Linda and the rest of our family.  We did adopt  Marshall Pettit as family to stand in the circle ( Nate's best friend from high school).  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A flash back from the past...

We had to do a double take when we thought we went back in time.  Are we in the 80's...Do you remember the good ole days when the garbage man held on as he rode on the back of the truck...obviously in Georgia it is still "The Good Ole Days"...what a Mollie and I stalked the garbage truck and we knew this picture was blog worthy.  I wonder how many bugs he swallows a year?

Our house on the hill...

We live on a hill and we have this huge slopping hill behind our house.  It reminds us of some of the California slopes in the backyard, minus the huge trees, pine straw, bugs and chiggers of coarse. We have seen more rain in the last two weeks then we have seen in 10 years and that is not an exaggeration. We now know what sheets of rain looks like for 5 days straight. Anyway, Ryan is the white spot at the top of the hill with the weed wacker. Did I mention that we love that Ryan loves to take care of the yard and we love that he loves to take care of the yard. We do go out as a family and attack this massive hill and pull weeds, the kids only last about 20 minutes before they are itching because of all the bugs. So far we have not encountered any chiggers, only fire ants, snakes and turtles.

Happy Fathers Day!

To the Coolest Dad ever.  Ryan works so hard for our family.  We are so thankful for everything he does for us.  Like yard work, taking us to the pool, making us waffles, netflix and buying us milk for our table.  We are very lucky. We might have to go buy him a Bear Claw...a really delicious almond treat that reminds us of christmas and our favorite dutch pastry (Boetter Letter)!!! 

We moved...

We left Legacy Park and moved to Bradshaw farms the end of May.  We loved our three months here and made great memories.

Happy Birthday, Ira, 10

Ira turned 10 on May, 29!  We went to the pool and braved taking all the kids to the pool while Ryan was out of town.  Ira makes us smile, he is very funny.